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Adapting to adoption

There are many reasons why couples choose to adopt, and their joy is clear when they bring home their child for the first time.

Whilst there’ll undoubtedly be a lot of adjustments and new routines for the whole family in such a situation, our advice would be to ensure all your paperwork is in place before you begin your new life together.

We’re not talking about the actual adoption papers, as the agency arranging the adoption will look after this. We’re talking about financial and care provision in case the unforeseen happens.

For example, what if something happened to you or your other half…what if you were to both die in the same car accident? It’s difficult to think about, but your adopted son or daughter may not automatically be subject to the same laws or care agreements that would be applicable to a biological child. It’s always worth making sure.

Make a will if you haven’t already and update your beneficiaries to include the new addition to your family as soon as the adoption has gone through


What if your relationship fails after you’ve adopted this wonderful child? Who is awarded custody when adoption is involved? Is it as straightforward a procedure? Do the child’s biological family have any say in the matter?

These are the questions Rucklidge’s Family Law Ltd can answer for you. Those heady first days of being new parents are something to truly behold, but you’ll enjoy them all the more if you have peace of mind that such important issues like those listed above have been sorted…because no one knows what’s around the corner.

As Mothers’ Day looms on the horizon, and whether you have an adopted or biological family, ensuring continuity of their care in the hands of the people you would choose to take care of them should be a priority. Don’t leave the rest of their lives to chance.

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