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Children, divorce and the Christmas period

It’s been proven that the New Year is a busy time for solicitors, specifically those that deal with divorce cases. More time at home over Christmas and the realisation that their relationship has irretrievably broken down, as well as a new year dawning, can fuel a couple’s decision to part ways.

Whilst divorce is not an easy, painless process for anyone, where children are involved, there are potentially more challenges to face.

There’s enough evidence available that shows the impact divorce can have on children. Some regress and display the behaviours of someone younger. Clinginess and nightmares are also common. Children undoubtedly experience a range of emotions when their parents file for divorce, which can be exacerbated if their routine changes, e.g. if the family needs to move and/or they have to change schools.

It’s a difficult time for everyone involved, and without doubt a mammoth task to shield children from the fallout of a relationship ending. Make sure you take care of yourself during the process – there’s a reason why airlines tell parents to attach their own oxygen masks before seeing to their children’s.

Reassurance is key. It’s better to address children’s fears and questions rather than dismiss them, however uncomfortable it may feel. Use age appropriate language and tell them only what they need to know. Try to discuss the divorce, e.g. phone calls to your solicitor, when your children are not in the room.

Establish as much of your child’s typical routine wherever they reside. Presenting a united front may be a challenge, but it’s much better to stick to the same parenting values you and your partner would have held when you were together.

Christmas is a time for family. Divorce aside, a family you will always be. It’s always helpful to focus on this during the process.

Rucklidge’s Solicitors specialise in family law. They’ve helped hundreds of families successfully navigate their way through the process of divorce. Unbiased, but with a commitment to the needs of the whole family and the best interests of any children, Rucklidge’s Solicitors completely understand the uncertainty, upheaval and upset divorce can bring to all parties involved. Whether divorce has been decided or you’d just like to talk through your options, Rcuklidge’s warm, honest and straightforward approach will help to put your mind at rest. Call us today on 0113 880 0864 or contact us here

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