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Find the right solicitor for you when filing for divorce

Divorce is emotional, arduous and frustratingly technical. There’s a reason few people opt to DIY when it comes to the finalising of their marriage; the process is difficult enough when the professionals are involved.

But what should you look for when appointing a solicitor?

Go with your gut in the first instance

It is, of course, relevant that the person you choose to guide you through the process is sufficiently qualified and experienced…but then what? How do you distinguish one competent and proficient solicitor from another?

Go with the one that ‘feels’ right. You’ll be spending time with this person, describing your finances and family life in depth. If you’re considering someone who you don’t feel you could open up to or be honest with, they’re not the right solicitor for you.

Establish their role and your boundaries

Divorce solicitors should not be confused with therapists. Whilst it may be tempting to vent your anger and frustration about your ex and the situation when meeting with your solicitor, this is not what they’re there to deal with. Use your consultation time effectively and just address the practicalities of your divorce. Save the soul-searching for a different kind of professional.

What do their other clients say?

To back up your gut feeling, ask to speak with clients they’ve dealt with in the past. This will help to reassure you whilst you’re forming your own opinion. Ask questions; consider if the outcomes they’ve won for other clients align with the hopes you have for your case.

Who do they put first?

If you have children, it’s important that your divorce lawyer considers their needs as equal to yours and your partner’s. The best solution is one that works for the whole family. When something impacts your life on such a huge scale, it’s easy to retreat inwards and only see things from your point of view; this may not necessarily be the best or most balanced outcome for everyone.

Rucklidge’s Solicitors, for example, are members of the organisation ‘Resolution’: professionals committed to the constructive approach to family disputes. Rucklidge’s will form an unbiased, practical overview of your family’s unique situation. Call us on 0113 880 0864.

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