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The world has changed but Rucklidge Law’s dedicated service remains the same

It’s mind-boggling to think how different the world has become over the last few weeks.

At Rucklidge Law Limited, we’re lucky in that we can carry out the vast majority of our client work from home. Although some aspects of the judiciary system are still being carried out in the courts - non-urgent court hearings have been put in the back-burner for now, which will likely include most family law issues. However, we know that, for anyone who had already begun legal proceedings relating to a family law case, your questions, fears and worries can’t be postponed quite as easily.

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Anything involving the law can bring stress and uncertainty at the best of times. Covid-19 has brought its own load of stress and worry, and we completely understand that this combination could have an effect on people’s mental health.

Please be assured that Rucklidge Law is here to help. It doesn’t matter what you’re worried about concerning your case, get in touch with your contact here if you have any questions. We want to put your mind at rest in any way we can by giving you firm answers to your legal worries (if only we could give you answers and the same certainty about coronavirus…but alas).

Maybe the time spent at home has brought you to a conclusion that will need legal assistance to resolve. Divorce, custody arrangements, the legal dissolution of joint assets…the coronavirus, relative lockdown and social distancing have the ability to magnify problems and/or provide us with the headspace to evaluate what we want from our lives and whether we’re actually getting it.


Even if you haven’t started legal proceedings, we can arrange Skype consultations and we’re available via email and the telephone to help you understand your rights and the legal process for when the wheel of normal life starts to turn again. The wonder of technology means we can still provide a confidential face-to-face, one-to-one, albeit virtually.

Contact 0113 880 0864 or email for more information.

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