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Why do we see prenuptial agreements as unromantic?

As family lawyers, we’re typically called upon to untangle the web of a relationship once it’s broken down. Separating joint property assets so that both owners can go their separate ways. Assessing joint savings and individual pension pots, apportioning gifts and other possessions. Digesting the typical routine of any children from the relationship and the impact of any changes on their wellbeing.

This is typically done amid a perfect storm of sadness, anger, frustration, fear and disappointment - from both parties.

A question: why is the act of protecting yourself and your hard-earned cash something only considered once your relationship begins to flounder? Why are people not naturally prudent, especially at the point their relationship ramps up a gear and their lives merge? Why does society make us believe that an agreement, such as a pre-nup, is not ‘romantic’, when all it does is protect an individual’s best interests?

Safeguarding what you’ve brought to the relationship as you commit to each other is about you, not the feelings you have for your partner. It’s about being sensible, given the hard work and effort it’s taken for you to accumulate your assets. It should be borne from logic, not emotion.

Drawing up this kind of legal agreement is not a sign that you believe your relationship will fail. But, given that 50% of relationships do end prematurely, you’re hardly being rash, impulsive or doom-mongering.

If the agreement never needs to be put into practice because you continue to have a fabulous relationship, then there’s no harm done. But drawing one up between you, at a time when you’re able to have rational, adult conversations, and when you genuinely have each other’s best interests at heart, is a much, much easier process.

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