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We look after the law so you can look after the ones you love.

As specialist lawyers, we are here to help you with your family law needs. If you need help with legal issues relating to children, advice around divorce, help with making a will or dealing with a loved one’s estate through probate, we are here to help.

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When it comes to legal processes, we know how daunting things can be, that's why we offer a FREE Initial consultation, so you can talk to an expert Family Lawyer and take the right steps from the start.

Specialist Family Lawyers here for you and your family

We know how important family is to you. That is why our specialist lawyers understand that if you need help with a Family Law issue, advice about a making a Will, or dealing with a loved one’s estate, you are probably going through a life-changing event. We believe you should have a professional on your side, who can support you through the legal process as smoothly as possible, during what we know is a stressful time for you and your loved ones.

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Family Law Solicitors in York, Selby, Sheffield and Barnsley

We look after the law so you can look after the ones you love

Rucklidge Law is a small family law firm of solicitors based in York, Wakefield, Selby, Sheffield, Barnsley and the surrounding areas. We work with clients across the UK and specialise in legal issues relating to children and adoption, advice around divorce and separation, and help with making a will or dealing with a loved one’s estate through probate.

Navigating the law can be daunting and your family lawyer will be there to support you every step of the way. We understand that you could be going through a life-changing event, which can be a stressful time for you and your family. 

Our specialist lawyers will explain everything to you in clear, simple terms and keep you informed as your case progresses. With a professional at your side, we’ll guide you through the legal process as smoothly as possible to minimise disruption to your life and loved ones.

Book a free 30-minute consultation to talk to an expert about your situation. 

How a family lawyer can help

Family Law Solicitors

Your Trusted Allies in Legal Battles


In times of personal turmoil and life-altering decisions, family lawyers serve as indispensable allies. These legal experts guide individuals and families through the intricate web of laws and regulations governing familial relationships, offering legal, emotional and practical support. Family law solicitors are essential companions for navigating the turbulent waters of divorce, separation, the dissolution of a civil partnership and the children or financial matters arising from these.

Law Team

Unraveling the Legal Complexities of Divorce & Separation

Divorce & Separation: The mere mention of these words often conjures up a daunting and emotionally charged image. However, with the aid of a proficient family law team, these transitions become more manageable. The services offered by the Rucklidge Law team extend far  beyond the mere legalities, addressing the intricate emotional dynamics that accompany such life-altering decisions.

A family lawyer’s expertise in divorce and separation matters includes an in-depth understanding of property division, financial support, and child arrangements. They guide clients through the labyrinth of paperwork, ensuring all documents are filed accurately and on time. In addition, our family lawyers are committed to working constructively to seek amicable solutions that save their clients the anguish that comes with a long drawn-out case and prohibitive legal fees.

Family Solicitors

Championing Child Law

When a family unit undergoes a transformation through divorce or separation, the most vulnerable members, the children, require special attention. Family solicitors specialising in child law come to the forefront to ensure that the best interests of the children are protected. They are adept at finalising decisions about the care, contact, and living arrangements of the children.

Child law experts work diligently to create child arrangements that are in the child’s best interests, aiming to provide them with stability and a nurturing environment. In cases of contentious child disputes, family solicitors can represent their clients in court, advocating for the desired outcome while focusing on the child’s welfare.

Furthermore, family lawyers often extend their expertise to include adoption and guardianship matters. They can provide guidance and legal assistance to those looking to adopt or establish guardianship over a child, making sure that all legal requirements are met for these life-altering decisions.

Domestic Violence

Advocates for the Vulnerable

Our family law solicitors are equipped to serve as advocates for victims of domestic violence, ensuring their safety and protection.

In cases of domestic violence, family lawyers can help victims obtain restraining orders and legal protections against their abusers. They can provide crucial legal advice on how to navigate the legal system, safeguarding the victim’s rights and interests.

Financial Matters

From Pre-Nups to Financial Settlements

Family law solicitors are well-versed in handling a spectrum of financial matters that often arise during familial transitions. From pre-nuptial agreements, which can preemptively define the financial aspects of a marriage, to cohabitation agreements that address the financial dynamics of non-marital relationships, family lawyers offer invaluable counsel.

Financial settlements and consent orders are also areas where family lawyers excel. They help clients navigate the complex process of dividing marital assets, such as property, investments, and other financial holdings and property assets as part of a separation of unmarried couples. Additionally, they assist in securing court-approved consent orders that provide a legal framework for financial agreements.

Family law solicitors play a multifaceted role in guiding individuals and families through the intricate legal landscape of divorce, separation, child arrangements, domestic violence, co-habitation disputes and financial matters. Their expertise spans the emotional, legal, and practical aspects of these complex issues, providing much-needed support and advocacy during challenging times.

Whether facilitating settlement, negotiating and arguing for best outcome, representing clients in court, or providing essential legal advice, family lawyers are a crucial resource for those navigating the complexities of family law.

Divorce & Separation 

We’re here to support you through the emotional, legal and practical challenges of divorce, separation or ending a civil partnership.

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Child Law

When families break up, we can help finalise decisions about care, contact and living arrangements. 

We’re also experts in adoption and guardianship.

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From pre-nups and cohabitation agreements, to financial settlements and consent orders, we can advise you on a range of financial matters.


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Planning for the future

It’s never too early to plan for the future. We’re specialists in will writing, appointing a lasting power of attorney as well as probate services.

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Our commitment to you

You’re in safe hands

We believe your family law firm should make things as easy as possible for you. We’ll give you a single point of contact with an experienced family lawyer who you can trust and build a relationship with.

We keep you informed

Waiting for information is stressful. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re never waiting unnecessarily and are kept up-to-date on the progress of your case every step of the way.

We help you understand the legal process

Legal matters can be complex, especially if it’s the first time you’re dealing with them. We explain everything in simple terms and guide you through the legal process so you understand what’s happening.

You’re our priority

Our family law solicitors work with a limited number of clients each to make sure we’re always available when you need us. If we’re busy when you call, we’ll always get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re experts in family law, wills and probate
  • We have over 20 years of legal experience
  • We believe in a no-nonsense approach to legal advice and representation
  • Our rates are highly competitive
  • We’re a member of Resolution — a code of practice specifically developed for family lawyers.

Free 30-minute legal consultation

We offer a free inital consultation with one of our family law solicitors so you can talk to an expert about your case and take the right steps from the start.

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Our commitments to you

You're in safe hands

We understand that you may be going through a difficult time. We’ll give you one point of contact, an experienced lawyer that you can trust and build a relationship with.

At Rucklidges we keep you informed

We know it can be stressful waiting for information. We won’t keep you waiting unnecessarily, we will always let you know about progress on your case as soon as we do.

Helping you Understand the Legal Process

Legal matters can be complex, especially if it's the first time you've had to deal with them. We'll explain everything to you in simple terms and guide you through the process so that you know what's happening.

You're our priority

We don't overload our lawyers with too many clients, we keep our workload manageable so that we make sure we are available to you if you need us. If we are busy when you call, we'll always get back to you as soon as we can.

Why Choose Us?


We are experts in family law, wills and probate


We have over twenty years of legal experience


We believe in a no-nonsense approach to legal advice and representation


Our rates are highly competitive


We serve customers in York, Selby, Barnsley, Sheffield, Leeds and Beyond


We are a member of Resolution - a code specifically for family lawyers

Jill Rucklidge, Managing Director and Solicitor

What our clients say about us


I would definitely recommend Rucklidge Law. Their service has been to a high standard. Thank you
Angela Lally – Eklas October 2022


Professional and understanding from start to finish, would recommend to anybody.
Jill Rucklidge – Lee August 2023


This story started back in 2016 when I first spoke to Jill Rucklidge about my divorce. It finally finished
April this year after 3 court appearances. Jill and her team stuck by me through thick,thin and tears .
Jill was always there to listen to me and gave me amazing advice. I can’t thank the team enough . I
would recommend Jill and the team to anyone looking for their specialist advice.
Jill Rucklidge – Dave November 2023


Angela is a very good lawyer with a big heart. She always helps and tries to find a solution in very
situation. I am extremely grateful to her for her help. She was with me in a very difficult moments of
my life. She extended a helping hand to me; I will never forget it and I will always be grateful to her
for it. I recommend her 1000%.
Angela Lally – Angieszka – November 2023


Very satisfied with the service and outcome.
Claire Trueman - Russell and Kristel October 2022


I cannot thank you enough for your care and support
Angela Lally - Vivienne – December 2022


Thank you for everything!
Claire Trueman - Sarah January 2023


Very pleasant and understanding, did what we wished to do. Thank you!
Claire Trueman - Susan October 2022


Angela has been a pleasure to deal with, through what could have been an extremely difficult time.
She has been professional and very helpful with any questions. Explaining things simply to avoid any
confusion or stress on my part. Many thanks!
Angela Lally – David June 2023


Excellent service!
Claire Trueman – Paul and Ann November 2023