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Love lost in lockdown?

Reports show that divorce rates rocketed in China when during the peak of their country’s lockdown scenario.

As couple and families all over the world are forced to spend more time with each other, due to the pandemic and subsequent social restrictions, cracks have reportedly appeared or even widened in some people’s marriages.

Before the coronavirus crisis many of us perhaps didn’t give too much thought to the status of our marriages, as we chased our tail between work, family commitments and our social lives. The daily routine kept our minds and bodies busy. Routine is now a distant memory…as we stay home day after day, as almost all external distractions have been restricted, a ban on seeing our wider family, friends, colleagues and other people we usually spend time with – and add in a stressful global pandemic - it’s perhaps not surprising that people have found it difficult to adjust.

Read the problem pages of various newspapers and you’ll find headlines that sound like this: “Lockdown has made me realise I don’t like my wife/husband very much!” Spending 24/7 with the same people, under the conditions as described above, has the ability to bring a relationship’s flaws to the surface.

Evidence that courts may see a surge of couples looking to go their separate ways once everything goes back to normal is here: Google has seen a 60% rise in searches using the keywords “get a divorce”.

Is divorce even possible at the moment? And is legal separation definitely the right solution for you, or is it a knee-jerk reaction during a time of extreme stress and enforced isolation?

Whilst we’re not doubting that some couples know they’re headed for the divorce court - that lockdown has only confirmed what they were already planning - for other marriages, mediation may be a better alternative. These are unprecedented times, and every single one of us is coping with it in our own way. When you really think about it: does lockdown allow you to be perfectly objective about your life? Is your partner’s current demeanour typical, under normal circumstances?

Why not have a chat with Rucklidge Law Limited before you make any firm decisions? We can refer you to professional mediators, as well as explain the divorce procedure in detail. i.e. how it will impact your individual family set-up and financial situation, and the things you will need to consider if permanent separation is clearly the path you wish to take.

Currently, the courts are not viewing divorce hearings as a priority during the pandemic; however, whether you’re sure or not that divorce is right for you and your partner, there are things you could be doing/thinking about in the meantime - so give us a call and have a chat with us.

The team at Rucklidge Law Limited are professional, friendly and non-judgemental. Call 0113 880 0864 or email for more information.

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